It's been tough, I know. You've searched high and low. But at last you've found me: a beautiful, powerful Mistress...... You will get to know much more about me when we meet, and I about you, but in the meantime it's only fair to divulge a little about me and how I came to be the Mistress you seek...

From an early age I knew I had a very kinky streak.  In my fantasies I was always the Dominant,
always in control…

My favourite pastime by far is to play with, tantalise, dominate, and control men.

I enjoy dominating men in a sexy, sensual & teasing way! I can be sweet and patient for beginners, or hard and sadistic for more experienced BDSM players. There are many activities, scenario's & games I like to play. Look at my
interests to find out more…..
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